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hoof dressing&Medication

Hi Sandy:  This is the second year in a row that our 21 year-old Morgan has
had what looks like a stone bruise, with drainage.  It happened the same
time of year.  I think their feet are susceptible to bruising when the
weather is wet like it is this time of year.  Anyway, last year it took 2
weeks of iodine applications, topically, not given internally , wrapped with
duct tape, to heal up.  A side benefit was that it toughened up his hooves.
    Maybe iodine is OK to take internally, but my mother always rubbed it on
me when I got hurt.  I think she just wanted to see me squirm.
  Next summer, probably 2 weeks in July, I plan to use it, on the horses, as
a preventative measure.
   Sherman, in the north central Florida backwoods community of Gainesville

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