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Re: RC: Complaint

>Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 22:22:10 -0700
>To: Bonita Young <>
>From: Nancy DuPont <>
>Subject: Re: RC:   Complaint
>Not to mention that before he had his rig he had a covered wagon and before
that he actually thought he could do it with a pack animal which is why he
brought along Panca.  He sold the covered wagon in Russia when he faced
climbing the mountains and the wagon couldn't go there.  He received lodging
and board in exchange for the sale.  He broke his two horses to pull the
wagon and they just went on down the road.  His real experience with trails
began in California at Point Reyes and on to the Sierra.  I started him at
the beach, I also rode with him over Mt. Diablo with the Park Superintendent
and George delivered him to Sacramento where Corky took over. We had
tremendous help from the State of California Parks and Recreation Director
on down.  He is welcome at any State park across the U.S. - news of his
travels has been broadcast.
>At 03:53 PM 8/27/99 -0700, you wrote:
>>Linda I hope you find the following entertaining.  When Manfred was in
>>Mongolia it was quite easy (and cheap) to hire a driver to drive across
>>Mongolia.  It was also easy to follow the trail as there was only one.
>>As to how he got across the Pacific ocean he had to charter a 747 for him
>>and his horses, his truck and trailer were shipped by ship.  When Manfred
>>entered South Korea his horses were put into quarantine, blood was drawn
>>and he was told that his guiding had eyeuritues (sp?) an eye disease.  He
>>begged them to redraw the blood and retest but the state veterinarian
>>flatly refused.  He was given the option of returning to Germany or
>>having his horse destroyed.  He appealed to the U.S. and German embassy
>>and was given permission to fly his horses to Los Angeles,(the only
>>quarantine station on the west coast).  This trip cost him $18,000.00 to
>>charter the plane and ship his vehicles.  It seams there is not much call
>>to fly horses out of South Korea so he had no choice but to charter a
>>plane.  When he reached Los Angeles the horses again were put into
>>quarantine for 4 days.  Tests proved them to be in excellent health, but
>>mares and stallions have to be kept in additional quarantine at  UCDavis,
>>mares 15 days stallions   30 days.  His guiding was released and he had
>>to make arrangements to ship the mare to Davis, as his own rig had not
>>arrived by ship yet.  The mare was fine all except for one small problem,
>>she was pregnant!  Manfred figured that it must have happened when he
>>left his horses in Mongolia for a few months in the winter while he
>>returned home to Germany.  ( He goes home every winter for 3 months or so
>>to keep an eye on his business and to write for a German horse magazine
>>that is helping to sponsor his trip).
>>Of course this meant a delay for the start of his trip.  A colt was born
>>in April and the mare and colt are presently in Carson City, Nevada.  The
>>colt will be weaned soon so Manfred can have the use of both of his
>>horses.  He usually rides one and ponies the other and changes off
>>several times in a day.. The prospect of hiering a driver in the US is an
>>expensive proposition and we have been trying to find volunteers to help
>>him with the rig.  As you can imagine with all the extra added expenses
>>he incurred this year money is tight.
>>I learned about Manfred on ridecamp and as that I live on the Tevis trail
>>I offered him a place to stay and found with the help of Sandy Rovine
>>(who rode with him from discovery park to Robinson flats (about a 150
>>miles) other riders to help him across the Sierras and on to Nevada.  Tom
>>Sherwood road with him to Washoe Valley and he is presently riding with
>>Cliff Lewis and should be in Fernley Nevada tonight.  Yes Manfred needs
>>help in his quest and any kind of help would be appreciated.  Sandy and I
>>hope to catch up with Manfred Monday or Tuesday on our way to the Ducks
>>ride in Utah.  Any one who would like to help manfred he has a cell phone
>>and can be reached at 530 219-0534.  Sandy and I set up a savings account
>>for him that he can access with an ATM card.  Anyone caring to donate
>>money can make the check out to Manfred Schultz and male it c/o Young
>>8001 Gorman Ranch Road, Foresthill, CA 95631.
>>It has truly been a pleasure to meet and help this quiet shy man and his
>>wonderful horse (only got to meet Pushkin, as the mare was in Carson
>>City).  I have no doubt that Manfred will complete his trip around the
>>world.  He is an extraordinary individual with a remarkable dream.  We
>>should all be so lucky to live out our dreams as he is.
>>Corky Young
>> wrote:
>>> You are all failing miserably in your duty to entertain me this
>>> afternoon.
>>> ;-)
>>> Now, what I want to know is, if Manfred is having trouble getting his
>>> rig driven across Nevada, how did he get it across Mongolia?  (Not
>>> to mention the Pacific Ocean.)
>>> Linda B. Merims
>>> Massachusetts, USA
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