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Re: RC: Complaint

I find this very entertaining. And I am curious, what is the
and breed of these horses that he is using?


Bonita Young wrote:
> Linda I hope you find the following entertaining.  When Manfred was in
> Mongolia it was quite easy (and cheap) to hire a driver to drive across
> Mongolia.  It was also easy to follow the trail as there was only one.
> As to how he got across the Pacific ocean he had to charter a 747 for him
> and his horses, his truck and trailer were shipped by ship.  When Manfred
> entered South Korea his horses were put into quarantine, blood was drawn
> and he was told that his guiding had eyeuritues (sp?) an eye disease.  He
> begged them to redraw the blood and retest but the state veterinarian
> flatly refused.  He was given the option of returning to Germany or
> having his horse destroyed.  He appealed to the U.S. and German embassy
> and was given permission to fly his horses to Los Angeles,(the only
> quarantine station on the west coast).  This trip cost him $18,000.00 to
> charter the plane and ship his vehicles.  It seams there is not much call
> to fly horses out of South Korea so he had no choice but to charter a
> plane.  When he reached Los Angeles the horses again were put into
> quarantine for 4 days.  Tests proved them to be in excellent health, but
> mares and stallions have to be kept in additional quarantine at  UCDavis,
> mares 15 days stallions   30 days.  His guiding was released and he had
> to make arrangements to ship the mare to Davis, as his own rig had not
> arrived by ship yet.  The mare was fine all except for one small problem,
> she was pregnant!  Manfred figured that it must have happened when he
> left his horses in Mongolia for a few months in the winter while he
> returned home to Germany.  ( He goes home every winter for 3 months or so
> to keep an eye on his business and to write for a German horse magazine
> that is helping to sponsor his trip).
> Of course this meant a delay for the start of his trip.  A colt was born
> in April and the mare and colt are presently in Carson City, Nevada.  The
> colt will be weaned soon so Manfred can have the use of both of his
> horses.  He usually rides one and ponies the other and changes off
> several times in a day.. The prospect of hiering a driver in the US is an
> expensive proposition and we have been trying to find volunteers to help
> him with the rig.  As you can imagine with all the extra added expenses
> he incurred this year money is tight.
> I learned about Manfred on ridecamp and as that I live on the Tevis trail
> I offered him a place to stay and found with the help of Sandy Rovine
> (who rode with him from discovery park to Robinson flats (about a 150
> miles) other riders to help him across the Sierras and on to Nevada.  Tom
> Sherwood road with him to Washoe Valley and he is presently riding with
> Cliff Lewis and should be in Fernley Nevada tonight.  Yes Manfred needs
> help in his quest and any kind of help would be appreciated.  Sandy and I
> hope to catch up with Manfred Monday or Tuesday on our way to the Ducks
> ride in Utah.  Any one who would like to help manfred he has a cell phone
> and can be reached at 530 219-0534.  Sandy and I set up a savings account
> for him that he can access with an ATM card.  Anyone caring to donate
> money can make the check out to Manfred Schultz and male it c/o Young
> 8001 Gorman Ranch Road, Foresthill, CA 95631.
> It has truly been a pleasure to meet and help this quiet shy man and his
> wonderful horse (only got to meet Pushkin, as the mare was in Carson
> City).  I have no doubt that Manfred will complete his trip around the
> world.  He is an extraordinary individual with a remarkable dream.  We
> should all be so lucky to live out our dreams as he is.
> Corky Young
> wrote:
> > You are all failing miserably in your duty to entertain me this
> > afternoon.
> >
> > ;-)
> >
> > Now, what I want to know is, if Manfred is having trouble getting his
> > rig driven across Nevada, how did he get it across Mongolia?  (Not
> > to mention the Pacific Ocean.)
> >
> > Linda B. Merims
> >
> >
> > Massachusetts, USA
> >
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