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Re: RC: RE: Marathon horseshoe

Hi Steph, (und Wolfgang),

a speciality on the Marathon horseshoes is they are 100%
Polyurethan, no
metal, with little buttons on the underside for better support.
weight is
around 175g = 6 oz./ piece, less than 50% of iron horseshoes.
otherwise they looking similar to the Sneakers, be produced in a
manufactury here in Germany, in nice Waldhessen, and since a year
available in the US. the maufacturer is an intelligent guy.
Chris Martin send me a mail in July, completed the Tevis-Cup and
was very
satisfied with them.
I use them a few years now, especially in spring and autumn, when
mileage is
not the most important issue (they last about 3-400 miles on my
or with young horses. I have 9 years experience in shoeing
with plastic horseshoes and prefer the Marathons over other
horseshoes available here (which don't include the Sneakers). 
I could imagine they are also good for horses with problems in
the heals, navicluar,
sesamoid, or tendon area. 
only a handfull endurance riders use them here, that's quite
amazing. maybe the reason is because other plastic horseshoes are
a few
Marks cheaper. 

Frank Mechelhoff (Germany)

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