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hoof dressing

	Way behind on my mail--suffering from PAC-lag!
	Didn't see a reply to the ridecamper asking for homemade hoof dressings
(maybe people replied privately?) so here's what I use: 50/50 lard/pine
tar.  Melt lard (like you use to make pastry) in the microwave in a large
container; when it is liquid add an equal amount of pine tar and mix.  Will
cool to a paste in winter (like Hooflex) or a very thick slop in summer.
Apply with a brush.
	I live in a suburb of Vancouver, BC (where David Duchovny thinks it rains
a lot!) and my horses' feet are wet all winter; then in summer they dry out
and get brittle.  i use this stuff all year round--cheap and effective.

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