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In a message dated 8/24/99 6:18:26 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 

<< Let me try this again.  I messed up the last post.    I trailered Khazen 
 Lad around to a lot of rides and even rode Lad some in conditioning and 
 certainly do not remember Trilby riding 40 horses.  Where did this amazing 
 number come from?   I am not even sure she has ridden 40 horses in her 
 Maryben >>

Those were the numbers that were provided to us on the Board when we were 
presented with a request for a rule change after their trailer race.  Seemed 
like one of them rode 42 and one rode one or two more than that.  Am not 
going to take the time to go back and dig the exact numbers, which is why I 
just stated "more than 40" instead of being more precise.  Remember that they 
would ride a multiday, and then fly somewhere on Friday night and ride a 
borrowed horse, week after week.


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