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In a message dated 8/24/99 7:31:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Where are you located?  In the NE, I'd be hard pressed to get 1000 miles.
 Lack of miles would probably be do to lack of opportunity rather than a
 horse who could not endure.  Remember that here in the East, endurance
 riding/racing is preceded & followed by endurance DRIVING!
 Linda >>

Tim is from the NW as I am, and yes, we are blessed with more rides, but one 
still must have a horse that can DO those rides!  Seems like back in the days 
when the championship was based on total points, period, names like Joe Long 
(how many times was Khalil Reserve Champion, Joe?), Nina Warren, and Jerri 
Gray pop right up into my memory.  They darn sure aren't west coasters!  You 
know what?  I can only remember one or two names that have been national 
"champions" since the days when one rode for points--and that's because those 
are close friends and neighbors.  But I can still remember champions from the 
old days, even if I would be hard pressed to put a face to the name--or in 
many cases, their accomplishments MADE them faces to remember, even though 
they don't live just down the road!


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