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In a message dated 8/24/99 6:24:51 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Use the best 400 miles......  more will encourage people to
 overuse their will end up with a bunch of sore/lame/overused
 horses if you strive to have them do 1000 miles. >>

You know what?  I saw MORE of the top horses come back year after year back 
when there was NO mileage limit on the National Championship than I do now 
that the wannabes are trying to catch the class acts on the "big events."  
Back then we KNEW that we had to keep the horse sound and healthy to run 
again next weekend or the weekend after, and that was a strong incentive to 
do things right.  With the tighter vetting that we have now, that incentive 
is a win-win situation for the horse.  Once again, let me say that a horse 
that CANNOT stay sound to do more than 400 miles is not the sort of horse 
that I feel should be representing this sport as the National Champion...


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