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Re: spouse support

<< d when people at work (who knew I was interested in being in
a relationship) would ask me what I'd do if it got serious and the guy
asked me to get ride of my horse. My answer was a vehement "I'd get rid
of him."   >>

I got a choice when Steve asked me to marry him -- a horse or a diamond
ring.  15 years...still no diamond ring...and 13 horses later!  Also, he
was a farrier before a met him (was and is currently a salesman for
printing press equipment) and he proposed on a weekend riding vacation in
the Ozarks.  (He knew how to get the person who was saying "I'll never get
married again!" to say "Yes!" ;-)  

He doesn't ride very often, altho his interest is starting to pick up since
he got a horse that is designated specially for him and he's currently
doing her groundwork and really starting to get into it.  I'd say for a
"non-rider", he's pretty darned supportive!!  AND, he really WANTS to be
crew...and we really want him since he's a GREAT cook and masseur...and he
loves to sit and read his mystery novels!  (Not to mention the former
farrier stuff. ;-))

Diamond-less Sue <g>
Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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