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aerc NC 50 mile championship

David Kaden dave
I just returned from the 50 mile NC at TIMBERRON and wanted to let everyone know what they missed.Although there was only thirtysomething entrys the race was EXTREMELY competitive. The featherweight winner Jody Welch finished 54 miles in rough mountains with three major hill climbs in 4:09!And she had a another featherweight right on her heels.Two lightweights were racing just a minute apart out of the last V.C. and two heavyweights were having a very close race not far behind.It was very exciting,"you should have been there" and next year I bet a whole lot more people will be.

My personal anedote is a footnote to Cliff Rutherford's last place finish in the heavyweight division.He was riding my horse Desert Wind,and I was crewing since the horse I Qualified on was off due to a tendon sprain he got in late June.Somewhere on the trail at about a mile and a half into the ride Cliff was running hard in about seventh overall place and was trying to catch the heavyweight leader.In a turn on damp grass,Desert slipped in his easy boots and nearly went down.Cliff was dislodged and rolled to a stop uninjured.Undaunted, Desert continued on without his partner and a mile and a half later he had moved up to third when when the trail turned onto a road .Two crew members got into the road to try and catch him and he dodged off the road into the trees and became entangled on a large rock and downed timber.Twenty mintes later he and cliff were reunited,and Cliff wisely decided to slow down and ride for completion.He finished in just over 6 hours on a very tough course and was fifth in a class of Five.Like I said this was a competive ride!

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