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Cevi update***

Juliua Stroup & Cevi Arnold
I want to thank so much those who have sent me an email, it warms my heart to hear from you all.  since I'm not even near my horses, you are as close as I can get.

Cevi had a WONDERFUL day!!  I don't want to sound religious or anything, but there is NO other way she could be alive except for Him.  She's starting to feel REAL feelings in her lower extremities and even moved her right leg, not a little, BUT A LOT!!  Her left leg hasn't done much, but my faith in Jesus allows me to know that SHE WILL!  Cevi is probably the sweetest person I know and she's not just my daughter, but my friend and ride partner.  She's been more aware of what's going on today and has even made some slurred jokes (when she's awake).  I love her guys more then I ever thought possible, keep up the prayers for a COMPLETE recover, in Jesus it CAN be done.  By the way, she demanded that I bring her mustang mare Jennie to her room but I had to tell her that Jennie wouldn't get into the elevator, any ideas?  -Juliua

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