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re: four point shoeing

My farrier started using the four point method about a year and a half ago. My navicular horse was immediately lame and remained that way through another shoeing. She is now fairly sound and can be ridden without bute. Amazing! My arab (who has nice big wonderful WHITE feet) looked as if her hooves had shrunk a size or two. This bothered me and I complained about her "baby doll feet". Why take a horse with nice big feet and put her in a smaller shoe size? She developed seedy toe (Ihave never had any problems with her feet) and it took a few months to clear that up. She has had dark areas around her clinches and bottom of her hooves for about a year now. Comes off with every shoeing and she is not lame. My farrier said it was from the mud last winter, but it is now August and the dark areas are still there. I beleive 4 point has a good and bad side and is not for every horse. I have a new farrier coming out next week for a second opinion. I also know of several other horses who developed seedy toe from this shoeing method. same farrier. They have all cleared up but it was a source of major concern for all of us at the time. the theory is (as my farrier explained it to me) to push the white line back for a more natural hoof. But again, these are not wild horses and in my experience, it opens the white line up for infection. So. I have the good and bad here. It's worked wonders for my navicular horse but I have concerns about my distance horse with the formerly perfect feet! Sorry so long.

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