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Re: Perseid meteor showers!

Yeah, I went out to see them.  Am very tired today.  Went with 3 friends and
laid on sleeping bags near a pasture.  We didn't get to start watching right
at 2 because one of the horses got out and we had to catch the mare.  She
was A PAIN.  Dangerous as anything.  No respect for people and turned that
butt to kick as quick as look at you.  I finally suggested we herd her into
the barn and a stall.  That worked and nobody got hurt thankfully.

I saw about 5 meteors in about 40 min.  Was nice.  I think we slept for 1.5
hours.  One friend is at work with me (we're both downing the caffeine like
crazy), another friend (works in our office) is home sleeping (the bum), and
the 4th friend called in sick to work (works nearby, but not in this office)
to sleep for a few hours before going in this afternoon.  I envy him.  Need
sleep.  Need lots of sleep.  I'm in training for the Tevis...yeah, that's
it.  Training for Tevis.   Tevis 2005...Carla and me, off we go with Baru
and my new mare (Jericho, cool name for her, don't you think), yet to be
bought, she won't be new by then...she'll be seven and I'll have had her for
4 years.  Maybe she'll be 8 and I'll have had her for 5 years if I decide to
buy her next summer.

Rambling, me?  I don't ramble, do I?  Sometimes, I might get off course a
little, but rambling?  I don't see that at all.

April (sleep deprived)
Chattanooga, TN

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From: Lif Strand <>

The Perseids (PER), probably the best known shower to many people, reach
a maximum on August 12th
this year, just past new moon on the 11th, so the conditions for
observing them are excellent! The
predicted time of maximum in Universal Time for the primary peak, the
strongest, is 23h UT on August
12th. The secondary peak, the normal peak, is at 05h UT on the 13th, and
another peak comes at 13h UT
on the 13th. The radiant, the area in the sky where the meteors seem to
come from, is centered on 046
degrees, ie. RA 3h 04m, Dec +58, about a degree north of the star kappa
Perseus.  These are fast meteors, at about 59 km per second, and are
debris from Comet 109P/Swift-Tu

Hope your skies are clear!

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