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Re: Curbs

So what is "curb injury"?
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From: Tony <>
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Date: Wednesday, August 11, 1999 8:06 PM
Subject: RC: Curbs

>Funny you should ask about curbs Didn't even know what they were until this
>Any ways hopefully to answer your question. My mare popped a curb early
>this year didn't know at first though.
>got pulled at the ar 70 at lunch for what everyone thought was sniffing up
>in the hind end. Even had my vet look at hear who was working the ride and
>he thought she was realy tight in the rear end.
>Gave some time off she seemed ok went and did castle rock look good at the
>first ck then at lunch she was very slightly favoring her left rear. pulled
>again. So I ask the vet there what hact do you think it is and she started
>to tell me all the things it could be, then she said curb and looked down
>and there it was a small bump just below the hock.
> Wouldn't of ever saw it my self. But she said it ain't a bad injury they
>heal pretty good with rest. So I said how much answer about * weeks. Well
>this was a disiter I wanted to Tevis I haven't completed a ride all year
>and I had to rest my horse 8 weeks 9 weeks before Tevis. So What I did was
>asked another vet and he said 4 weeks, Then when I got home I called my vet
>and he said 6 weeks so I comprised and rested 4 weeks road her at a walk
>for two weeks that gave me three weeks before tevis so the next two
>weekends I road the canyons at a walk or running behind her tailing.
> To make,this story short I did Tevis The horse did great finished 36th I
>got my tenth buckle.
>So yes you can comeback from a curb Injury.
>:later Tony
>Tony Brickel
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Ridecamp is a service of Endurance Net,    
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