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Funny you should ask about curbs Didn't even know what they were until this
Any ways hopefully to answer your question. My mare popped a curb early
this year didn't know at first though.
got pulled at the ar 70 at lunch for what everyone thought was sniffing up
in the hind end. Even had my vet look at hear who was working the ride and
he thought she was realy tight in the rear end.
Gave some time off she seemed ok went and did castle rock look good at the
first ck then at lunch she was very slightly favoring her left rear. pulled
again. So I ask the vet there what hact do you think it is and she started
to tell me all the things it could be, then she said curb and looked down
and there it was a small bump just below the hock.
 Wouldn't of ever saw it my self. But she said it ain't a bad injury they
heal pretty good with rest. So I said how much answer about * weeks. Well
this was a disiter I wanted to Tevis I haven't completed a ride all year
and I had to rest my horse 8 weeks 9 weeks before Tevis. So What I did was
asked another vet and he said 4 weeks, Then when I got home I called my vet
and he said 6 weeks so I comprised and rested 4 weeks road her at a walk
for two weeks that gave me three weeks before tevis so the next two
weekends I road the canyons at a walk or running behind her tailing.
 To make,this story short I did Tevis The horse did great finished 36th I
got my tenth buckle.
So yes you can comeback from a curb Injury.
:later Tony

Tony Brickel

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