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Re: RC: Tundras

Dear Dianne;
Sounds like a truck like that might work in the flatlands, but I doubt
it would last long towing up in the mountains.  Big difference.
> Hi,
> I just bought a Toyota Tundra. They are rated to tow 7,200lbs. Yes it is an
> automatic, which I don't like for lots of towing, but I don't tow that much now.
> It also has a bed payload of 1,900+lbs. Not bad for a small full size truck. The
> GMCs and Dodges I was looking at towed 7,200lbs with the towing package (manual
> or automatic -but they were the base level truck). I didn't check out the
> payload on them, since I don't usually haul more than 1/2 ton in the bed anyway.
> Any more capacity is gravy for me.
> What I tow is a 2 horse modified stock trailer. It weighs 2,300 lbs and my Arab
> is only 850lbs and my new Saddlebred will fatten up to about 1,400 lbs, so I'm
> still way under (4550lbs). But then, I'm used to towing the trailer with the
> Arab in it in a 91 GMC Jimmy with a 4.3liter V6 with towing package. It could
> only tow 5,000lbs, so I'm making a big step up! :-)
> BTW: The GMCs around here (central Texas) cost the same as the Tundra and didn't
> offer me anything more for towing. I'm small so the smaller body size of the
> Toyota was a plus.
> One day, a diesel dually will be bought. So will the gooseneck 3 horse slant
> with living quarters, but not today! :)
> Good luck in the truck search.
> Dianne
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