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Christie's 4th VC

I beg to differ with you Steve but I was there too!  Tang was in the vetting
area with the entire crew.  At that time we were using one of Roger's hand
held monitors and Team Vet Roxy was also using her scope.  (I too have been
doing P&R's for over three years and have been testing the hand held monitor
at several rides by comparing it with the scope readings--it has been very
accurate).  Both placed Tang's heart rate in low 50's.

As you know, the number of people who were allowed to accompany the horse up
the aisle was strictly limited.  The Team vet and Christie's husband Ron who
always presents Tang and knows Tang as well as Christie does was there with
the vet.  The vet said she checked twice before presenting and then
requested a check by a vet after the 61 reading. None was done.

I was also standing at the out gate listening when the vet staff came over
about 15 minutes later and told Roxy she should have insisted on the second
check by a vet but now it was too late.  

NOW, please explain how I can take a pulse for 15 seconds and be "high" by
one heartbeat (16) and then go on to take the rest of the 60 second reading
(45 more seconds and 45 more beats). That equals 61 but it also tells me
that the horse is at criteria during the last 45 seconds. That would
certainly make me question my first 15 second count. If I go on for 15 more
seconds and get another 15 beats is the horse now at criteria and which
"minute" do I use.  Was I exactly right on the second hand on my wrist
watch? Did I really catch that first beat right on the starting second? We
know that even a vet has a hard time calling it that close so why would we
expect it of a volunteer? 

I agree that I don't know enough about the rule.  I have had three different
interpretations of same.  I'll do my homework and then decide about its
validity. The P&R person is not the issue, the rule is. 

Joane White

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