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Re: RC: RC: Fwd: RC: TTEAM and kickers

In a message dated 8/10/99 7:17:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< I could get into big trouble with this one.  I do punish my horses for 
 thinking about kicking, even if they are bumped into or run into from 
 behind.  "kicking" is not an option, and I don't care if they think they 
 are being threatened.  Once you let them to get away with kicking they will 
 start to decide when they feel threatened and if it's okay in one situation 
 it's okay in another.  And it's not. >>

Good for you.  Have you ever watched a herd in which there is one really 
truly alpha mare?  Folks, there ISN'T any kicking, because the horses know 
their place.  I was blessed with a broodmare like that for over 20 years, and 
she "ran" my place in the most civilized fashion you can imagine.  She moved 
onto my place when she was two, took her about 5 minutes to "clean house," 
and there was peace in the pasture until she died of old age.  When you ride, 
you ARE the alpha horse, and if you aren't, then you need to go back to the 
drawing board.  If you are in charge, the horse will signal and ask, before 
even THINKING of kicking, even if he is rear-ended!  He doesn't want to incur 
the wrath of the boss!  


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