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Re: RC: RE: Cause and Effect, horse accidents happen

In a message dated 8/9/1999 9:38:08 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:

<< To often the horse in front is blamed and the rider is caught up in the
 controversy when the person who caused the problem, while injured, gets the
 sympathy while also they should be getting the blame.

Last year, my nephew's pony kicked out at my horse and caught me in the shin. 
 My nephew felt horrible about the accident.  I kept telling him, that it was 
my fault, I wasn't paying attention.  His pony stopped half way down the hill 
and I didn't stop my horse.  Needless to say, my horse ran up the pony's butt 
and the pony reacted.

It took several months for my injury to heal.  And for a while afterwards, 
when I would see my nephew, I would have to tell him it wasn't his fault.

All horses have the potential to kick even if they have never kicked in their 
lives.  It is the person's responsibility who is behind the horse to make 
sure they are a safe distance away, not the front rider.

Please take responsibility for yourself.


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