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The meeting is still on for this evening where the below shall be discussed.
steven proe
Hi again Folks: Thanks to all that have called and faxed the Georgetown Divide Utility District to express you opinions on the potential loss of trails and other recreational activities on District property. The General Manager of GDPUD (Ms. Davis) and myself have discussed the initial proposed Ordinance which the District had proposed to adopt. After the substantial responses that the District received the General Manager has made a substantial change in the proposed wording.
    The proposed Ordinance now contains the following verbiage " Except for current recreational uses of District facilities",  has been inserted into the document
no unauthorized person shall enter upon the property of the District without the prior approval of the General Manager, or. his/her designee, of the District. The property of the District includes reservoirs, water treatment plants, pipes, flumes, canals, trenches, ditches, the Community Disposal System at Auburn Lake Trails, and related facilities. Any person wishing to observe, inspect or tour the District facilities shall, at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance, make an appointment to do so by contacting the General Manager, or his/her designee, at (530) 3334356. It is in the discretion of the General Manager or designee whether to grant an appointment to any individual wishing to enter upon District property.
    We have also discussed a revision of this verbiage in the near future to further protect this valuable Public resource, I shall continue to keep you all posted.
AGAIN thank you ALL, for your participation in this quest. bye steven proe

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