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PAC Horse still missing - what's happening

Our onsite guy Scott is keeping us posted on the efforts to
locate Brian Reeves Horse Goofy.  I have not had any contact 
with Brian so I don't know if he needs any other form of help.


It's 12:30 CDT on Monday and Brian Reeves' horse is still missing.

Things being done to help find the lost horse:

- 40-50(?) riders have been out every day since the horse took off,
- a plane has been up during daylight hours since the plane took off
- one of the local farmers will start flying as soon as the weather clears
- notices are being posted at all vet clinics, restaurants, garages,.......
- The RCMP was notified and will contact one of the posted numbers if they
have news.
- the radio and TV stations have posted the information and contact phone
- the Parks has their people out on the trails looking
- Brian and his people have been out checking
- all open water sources are being watched
- the nearby "Pony Club" has been out every? day since the horse disappeared
- word-of-mouth news is spreading;
        - we are receiving phone calls from the nearby farms confirming that
have checked their fields and have shut all gates.
        - another group of 10 riders just turned up to help look

I'm not part of the activities other than answering the phone but these are
the things I know are being done; there may be more.

Scott Guthrie
Spruce Woods Manitoba

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