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Canadian PAC Update

Quick update
Hi folks we are still looking good. 5th place Christy and Tang. 6th place Diane
Dupperon and Coralina
Pulled Dakota lameness and Sahiba lame rt front
Trish and Cruise didn't get to start so we still have 13 horses. 10 horses in
after the second loop at 11.56
Expecting vet check 3 to start at 12.40

We are having fun. The crew is working together like clockwork. Greg Atchison
from Sask is crewing with us.
One horse is lost in the bush having pulled back from the rider at a water hold
and still is missing. The saddle rolled and panicked the horse. I don't know
what number or team.
They are kicking me off now.
All riders looking well. Rita Swift from team USA east still looking good and
going strong.  Tom her husband is a dream and his sisters are taking good care
of her.
Keri Jo is keeping everyone limber with her massage.
Gotta run
Happy trails
The weather is starting to get warm and the humidity is rising.

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