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When is it TOO Hot

>When I left it was 90% humidity and 80 degrees, no breeze but
>no sun either (stormy looking skies). > The bugs were worse than the
heat.. or I don't know, maybe it > was a toss-up.>We have bugs we call
"greenies" in this weather..

I headed out at 7:30 AM.  Temp upper 80's humidity mid 80's.  But I got
LUCKY....the "White Line" horse who was trying out going with just and
easyboot in the rear lost it in Lookout Creek...which is about 20 yards
across and thigh deep.  We both ended up in the creek and that was the
best part of the ride.  

By the way, if you want to see something pitiful, you should see two
females, one five feet tall and the other 4'11 trying to reach the bottom
in brown water almost 3' deep without putting their face in it!  She gave
up and turned back.  I went ahead and rode and on the way back after the
mud had settled *thought* I glimpsed something white thru the murky
water. (I had white flagging tied to the easyboot in case we lost it in
the grass).  YEAH!!  I got it.  Now THAT'S a prize $28 fish.  Wonder how
many times I'd have to wade Lookout Creek to count it as a training
ride...maybe we could sneek out onto a golf course when they turn on the
sprinklers! >eg<

By the way, I had fudge ripple ice cream for breakfast, and rocky road
for lunch.


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