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When is it TOO Hot... like today in Vt.

Barb Peck
Barb Peck

Truman:  I don't know how you do it!!.

I just got back from a FIVE mile ride along a river trail behind my house in high heat and humidity and bad bugs.. Blah...I planned
on going 10 but turned around and came home.

When I left it was 90% humidity and 80 degrees, no breeze but
no sun either (stormy looking skies).
 The bugs were worse than the heat.. or I don't know, maybe it
 was a toss-up.
We have bugs we call "greenies" in this weather.. big greyish
monsters with a green head that will land on a horse and just
hang on, which make riding in the heat doubly worse for the horse.

My horse got a shower with the hose & I'm having an Ice-tea.

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