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Pasture or space needed in Carson City area

We need room to board a Mare and 2 month old foal for about a month in the
Carson City area.  

Manfred, a german man is riding across the United States.  HE is on the last
leg of a round the world horseback jouney and has already ridden (started in
Germany) through Russia, China and Mongolia. He uses his own horses, 2
mares. He is quite organized and is a former hunter jumper. 52 years old. A
well mannered man, nice looking and very athletic. His mission is to
complete this ride on his own horses. Pushkin is one of the mares.  The
other mare (can't remember her name) was pastured in Mongolia where he
wintered. HE believes that is where the mare got pregnant by a Mongolian
Stallion and gave birth to a nice looking half Mongolian colt.  

Needless to say this is putting a crimp in his travels. He held over for the
birth and is staying with a friend in Vacaville. He came to George Cardinet
who has routed him over the American Discovery trail from Point Reyes and
through Nevada to Utah. Connie Berto will start him at Point Reyes and take
him to San Rafael or San Francisco through GGNRA.  We are seeing him to
Carson City. Thus, we need a place for the mare and baby to board.  

We also need help along the way to take him through the trails - which is
part of the Tevis. Anyone who can open their home for a night along the way
would be helpful too.  HE pays his way, and has a trailer that he takes
along. He needs to hire a driver to move his rig.  We are moving his rig in
our area.
Nancy DuPont, Executive Director
Heritage Trails
1350 Castle Rock Road
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

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are you going to ride your horses, and where are you going to keep them."
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