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Re: When is it TOO hot?

I feel exactly the same way, Angie!  I was afraid I'd regret my decision to
not attend Summer Breeze this year due to heat and other obligations beyond
my control.  After today's swelterer... I'm grateful I am in my almost cool
home, whose air conditioning is struggling constantly to keep the temps
INSIDE below 80.  The horses are fairing well, spending their hours laying
low and staying as sedentary as possible.

Susan Swope-Attardi
AERC Southeast Region
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> 10 Ways to tell when it's too HOT to go to a ride:
> By Angie McGhee
> 1. The ice in the ice chest melts before you get out of the driveway.
> 2. You need a potholder to handle the jack handle on the trailer.
> 3. When the horses break into the feed room, and eat all the
> electrolytes.
> 4. The smell of steaks cooking drifts up from your neighbor's herd of
> cows.
> 5. The cans of beans you packed begin to explode.
> 6. You can make coffee with water straight from the hose.
> 7. Grass sticks to the melting soles of your tennis shoes.
> 8. No matter how much you drink, you never have to go to the bathroom.
> 9. The air is so thick, it requires an effort to inhale it...if breathing
> through the mouth, it may require chewing.
> 10.  The corn that you packed begins to "pop".
> I just *thought* I was disappointed not to go to Summer Breeze tomorrow.
> Today was the hottest day yet, it's absolutely miserable outside even
> after dark.  Tomorrow, I plan to sit on the air conditioner vent and eat
> freeze pops, congratulating myself on having White Line disease at the
> perfect time.
> Angie
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