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Vermont 100

Just a minor point of clarification here...

The Vermont 100 we're talking about is *not*  THE Vermont 100.
THE Vermont 100 is a 100 mile in 3 days competitive trail ride run
over the Labor Day weekend that has been in existance since
1935.  I believe the two events, the CTR and this much, much
newer endurance race are run by different groups, although both
are staged out of the Green Mountain Horseman's Association
grounds in Woodstock.  I think THE Vermont 100's actual name
is "The GMHA 100 Mile Trail Ride."

Competing in THE Vermont 100 is the dream of every New England
trail rider.  I wonder how many spectators, and possibly even riders,
thought they were watching and participating in the older, legendary
and highly respected event.

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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