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Re: RC: And WE thought WE were Crazy!

You should see their FEET after one of those runs!!!

Do you know that on a 100 mile run I crewed for, they actually had the Army
Medics take EVERY finisher DIRECTLY to the medic tent, weigh them, put them on a
bed, take their blood pressure, remove their shoes and begin doctoring them?

AND, when it comes time for awards, many of them CRAWL up to the stage to get
their buckle!!!

Even my FIRST 100 wasn't THAT bad!!

Teddy wrote:

> In a message dated 7/22/99 6:32:14 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> writes:
> <<  At 78, his pacers were
>  squirting water on his hands to keep them from going numb, At 84, he had no
>  feeling below his shoulders and was peeing blood.
>  This was conditions that no one was used to and some serious learning went
>  on.
>  The woman leader at mile 40 was pulled from the race at 84 because she had
>  lose 8 pounds.
>   >>
> Well, that does it!  And I thought WE were crazy!!  Next time I get those
> nasty little bloody patches inside my knees, or crack my helmet open on a
> tree limb and ride 40 more miles with a concussion, or throw up from
> dehydration (ok that one was similar), or stay up almost 24 hours to do a
> 100, get the picture -- I'm going to pull this post out of my
> fanny pack and read it.  Ultramarathoners are even crazier than WE are!!!!
> Sylvia
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