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What's wrong with my horse???

Caryn Peck
My Arab gelding is 9 yrs old.  I've owned him for 5 yrs of which he has always had consistant riding by myself.  He's always been in "good" condition. 9 months ago I started dressage with him.  He was doing well, very "engaged" and really using himself when he suddenly became resistant, stiff and "off".  After extensive diagnosis and rest and x-rays... the vets decided he had a hock and stifle problem evan though his x-rays are clean.  Legend helps but he is lame at the jog.  He is sound at the extended trot, the canter if I don't roung him and the walk is awesome.  He is lame at a jog when he's forced to round and use himself. It's also very hard for him to go up hill.  On the level and downhill he's perfect.  I would be grateful for suggestions.  Evan the vets are mystified.

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