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Re: RC: RE: VT 100 & over riding

In a message dated 7/22/99 8:28:39 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< If 10% of the effort expended on line through Ride Camp were directed
 towards some articles for the AERC News, constructive articles please, the
 News would become one of the major sources of information for horse users. I
 challenge most of you to such an effort.

It gets even easier than that.  You can post to  Ridecamp and THEN get 
published in Endurance News without even knowing it!  I don't have a problem 
with that, but it is something to be aware of.  I appreciate the current 
discussion on Ridecamp -- it is naturally a very "hot" (sorry for the pun) 
topic.  I'm glad to see such a heated discussion going on regarding the 
welfare of our horses.  Nothing is more sickening than to see a horse 
overridden and under cared for.  I think Bob (and several other people) are 
right about the peer pressure thing -- but it needs to be done directly.  SAY 
something to the abuser when you see blatant horse abuse, don't look the 
other way.  IF THAT fails, we can always try Angie's public execution method. 
 Although, it just occurred to me that IF I were a horse abuser, I'd rather 
be publicly executed than reamed out by TEDDY (doesn't she carry a GUN??)     


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