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Re: VT 100 & over riding [long]

Some people do not care or have any feelings for their horse.  Horses
are just dumb animals to them. All they care about is winning. They care
nothing about the health of the horse.  I once heard a remark from a
person that had over ridden his horse and was being told by someone that
he was going to ruin his horse.   " So, he only cost $400,  I'll just
buy another".

Most people don't over ride or abuse their horse on purpose. Sometimes
they just get caught up in the winning and don't use their brain.  Some
come to their senses before it's too late others don't.  When their
brain starts working again it's " Why did I do that , I know better"?


>I do believe most of us are "generalizing" and not focusing on this one

>incident.  The fact remains that it occurs too many times on too many

>YES, riders are ultimately responsible, but, frankly, too many riders
>in reality, not in a sane frame of mind because THEY are stressed.
>it up to rider unfitness, be it mental or physical.

>The fact remains that the vets do NOT see what happens on trail and
>kind of riding IS abuse, with or without D.I.M.R.


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