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Re: VT 100 & over riding


I FOR ONE DO GET IT11  I have been there many times.  I know they are
just like you and me, but that doesn't excuse anything!  Sure they are
stressed, aren't we all?  That's NO excuse, and if things don't change
for the better, we WILL have the "Enduro Police" looking over our
shoulders.To me, that will not only be humiliating, but a sign of
failure on our part.(The excuses are beginning to sound like those used
in "plea bargaining " when someone can't justify(or take responsibility
for) his or her actions.)

Teddy Lancaster wrote:
> You don't get it!!!!  These people are just like you and me, but they get caught
> up in their goal to finish or to win or the later parts of a
> ride, PARTICULARLY a 100, they are NOT usually (applies to many, not all) in a
> frame of mind to make sound judgments.
> If YOU have not been there, you DON'T KNOW!!!
> A steward WOULD help.  MANY people are reluctant to complain to ride management,
> afraid to make waves, but a STEWARD's JOB is to hear about rule infractions,
> investigate and DO SOMETHING!!!!
> Teddy
> Salim Nice wrote:
> > Personally, I agree with Bob Morris.
> >
> > All of you complaining that endurance competitions are becoming public
> > displays of animal brutality need to stop and think before you start
> > trumpeting the POLICING of endurance competitions.
> >
> > Do you think that people who conducts themselves so poorly as to NEED
> > supervision during an endurance competition are EVER going to care what a
> > Steward has to say?  What do you think the neighbors think when they see
> > this type of person trashing their horse on local conditioning rides?  I
> > guarantee you these people spend much more time out on the local trail
> > conditioning than they do riding at endurance events. What do you think they
> > say when asked, "What are you training for?"  You Guessed It, "Endurance
> > Riding."
> >
> > If you think an endurance ride generates bad P.R. think what kind of
> > impression these people make on their countless conditioning rides between
> > endurance competitions.  Are you going to want Stewards in our Parks and
> > Forests... Maybe you should write your Congressman!!!
> >
> > Also, I don't see anyone pointing their fingers at the Ride Managers that
> > held these events during these extreme conditions.  What do you suggest we
> > do to police them?
> >
> > Just my $.02
> >
> > salim nice

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