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RE: VT 100 & over riding [long]

Hi Maureen,
I agree with you that the problem is in getting the rider to be 
responsible. I think many of the riders came in with a finish time in 
mind and they did not alter that goal according to conditions [the 
runners were equally as mindless, but they don't engage my compassion 
to the same degree].  I did speak to the vets when I had a chance to, 
and they said they'd had several tie ups, and lots of metabolics.  I 
mentioned the woman we saw kicking her horse on every stride, but I 
didn't have her number and what could I prove?  I think she finished, 
although she pissed people off.  She would pass by and the spectators 
just shook their heads and said "poor, poor creatures, how cruel".  
For all the silly people out on the course their were careful riders, 
going sensibly, walking good portions or trotting reasonably.  Of 
course it is the bad example that the spectators will remember.  
I have no answers; I am new to the sport.  However, after debating 
with myself, I thought I'd pass on the comments I heard from 
onlookers, and what I myself witnessed.  Again, the response from 
people differed greatly this year from those I heard last year, when 
the conditions were more ideal.

Klass Act
New Paltz, NY

> You know what Bob?
> I find it disconcerting also, but for a different reason!  IF even half
> of this was going on at the VT.l00, then the RIDERS were NOT doing what
> they were supposed to, and it needs attention!  If we don't POLICE
> OURSELVES, and are afraid to speak up when something needs to be
> addressed, then we are only asking for the "animal rights people" as you
> said, to intervene.  After all, we all say we are for taking care of our
> horses, BUT if we don't, someone else will!  
> I agree with you that if people were upset, they should speak to Ride
> Management or the Vets, BUT I don't like the attitude that we must
> "sweep it under the rug" for fear of the world finding out!  Riders need
> to speak to RIDERS, but ultimately, the horse is the one who will suffer
> if this kind of thing goes on.  YES, I too feel the safety of the horse
> is the Rider's  responsibility, but if The Rider  is NOT taking the
> responsibility, we must, or we won't have a sport, no matter how
> RESPONSIBLE WE AS INDIVIDUALS ARE.  We can't just ignore problems that
> "non horsemen" are seeing and WILL be reporting on!I always defend and
> praise our sport for its concern for horse safety, but I'd feel like a
> fool doing it if what is reported on this ride  is true.
> Maureen
Beth Glace, MS, CDN
Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma
Lenox Hill Hospital
New York, NY

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