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Re: RC: Easyboots

I've always REALLY liked the Slypner shoes.  They do a super job of
insulating the horse from the ground (re: concussion).  The horses also
really seem to like the traction they get - my fussy mare thinks they're
PF Flyers!  Another advantage is that the farrier can leave a lot more
heel on the shoe without the horse overreaching & pulling it off (my
theory is that's because the shoe is thicker from sole to ground).

Disadvantage is that my farrier gets a little cranky when I use them,
since they take a bit longer to put on and tolerate less banging.  They
also have to be shaped cold.

Good luck finding something you like.

-Abby B.

Adrienne wrote:
> I have a TB that is currently barefoot and I need to get him shod. I am
> concerned about the amount of concussion created by regular rim shoes and
> am wondering if anyone out there is using Easyboots instead of shoes. Do
> you leave them on and just remove them for trims, or do you take them on
> and off like your own shoes? I like the idea of being able to put something
> protective on for rides and then removing it after. Can anyone share their
> experiences on this? Anyone with experience using the Sneakers for Horses?
> I' m basically trying to figure out the best way to go with regards to hoof
> care and keeping a horse sound. My horse has excellent feet for a TB and is
> currently sound. I want to keep it that way! Thanks so much!
> Adrienne Bassett & Victor
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