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RE: Easyboots

Title: RE: Easyboots


Most folks here go with plain steel shoes, often with side clips.  I prefer St. Croix Eventers for their wider web and durability.  We live in a rocky area and do ride some road sides; concussion is not a great problem.  One solution is to use plain shoes & rim pads if you are worried about concussion.

We have one horse who uses plain shoes and we add easy boots for rides since he foundered years ago.  (ouchy on rocks)  It works well for him.  Karen Chaton uses easy boots for her rides - look in the archives.  She has a web page devoted to use of the boots.  She's put some high mileage on her easy boots by this point!

I never tried the Sneakers.  Roger Rittenhouse of TN (Equine Performance Technology & VMax monitor owner)swears by them.  I'd try contacting him.

You can encourage faster hoof growth by riding (increases circulation to their feet) and possibly adding biotin 15mg per day.  Increased growth rate from the Biotin will help to keep good, healthy foot grown down for the nails.  In one of our horses, we saw improved quality of hoof wall as well.  Just remember that it takes nearly a year for the biotin-fed hoof wall to grow all the way out!

Let me know if you think of any questions.

Linda Flemmer

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From: Adrienne []

I have a TB that is currently barefoot and I need to get him shod. I am
concerned about the amount of concussion created by regular rim shoes and
am wondering if anyone out there is using Easyboots instead of shoes. Do
you leave them on and just remove them for trims, or do you take them on
and off like your own shoes? I like the idea of being able to put something
protective on for rides and then removing it after. Can anyone share their
experiences on this? Anyone with experience using the Sneakers for Horses?

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