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Desperado V daughter

OK e-friends (and those I've met in the flesh, of course) - you all know
by now that we are trying to sell off most of our herd.  And I know that
you're probably sick of reading about it!  However, there is one sure
way to get me to stop.  Buy our horses!  When there's none left to sell,
I won't try to sell any more, I promise!

I am concentrating on one right now, the 8 year old bay 15 hand
Desperado V daughter.  Surely one of you out there knows of someone who
loves Varian breeding and Desperado V horses in particular!  Tell me!
Tell me who it is!  And then when I sell this mare, I won't have to bug
any of you about her again!  Thanks for any help you can give me -  Lif

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