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RC: Re: pulling on bit

> I think you misunderstood the retraining
>process for a racehorse - you could do dressage at the walk and trot ad
>infinitum, and it wouldn't help your pulling problem - it is gait
No, I haven't actually.  The horse from the track needs to go back to
Square One and learn to balance himself at the walk and trot first with a
rider sitting upright with long legs...and respond to seat, leg, and weight
cues *with* contact without rushing or leaning, and learn to bend without
falling onto the inside shoulder.  Until he learns this part at a walk and
trot (and until he develops the ability, physically, to balance himself
without being on his forehand) you really can't address the tendency to
lean and go like hell at the faster gaits.  Before you take something away
(the leaning and accelerating at the canter to gallop) you have to have
something to replace it (a horse that has the ability to carry and balance
his own weight and one that is familiar with the cues for slowing down and
coming off of his forehand.)  

He is not going to be able to do a balanced canter until he can carry
himself at an energetic, balanced trot.  Until he learns to come back to
you while on contact at the lower gaits, he's not going to be able to do it
*physically* or mentally at anything faster.

Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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