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genes from dam

Louise Burton (Biology/genetics instructor):

> There is some very interesting research going on relating characteristics to
> WHICH parent you got a chromosome from but that is far from the scope of
> this quick note to yall...

I havn't heard anything about this.  Please tell us more.

Also, do you know if the DNA in the mitochondria do anything?  First,
are they "active"?  That is, do they unwind and get used as the template
for making proteins the way the DNA in the nucleus is?  Or are they
just dormant structures?  Do mitochondria replicate themselves?  I
understand that conditioning can cause the number of mitochondria
present in an organism's cells to increase, but I don't know whether
they do it by self replication.  Mitochondria are kind of weird things,
almost like another life form within the cell.  I have heard it
theorized that they originally *were* their own lifeform and that
animal cells evolved from one kind of organism accidentally "capturing"
mitochondria and the two going on together in symbiosis.

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA


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