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PS/NRR matters

Norco Riverdance Ride/Apologies to riders from other than PS
Last year, we had perhaps a half dozen entry flyers returned out of 
540+ because of riders who moved without a forwarding address.  This 
year's 29 undeliverables plus another half dozen whose forwarding 
orders had expired were a bit of a surprise, since they all got sent 
flyers at the same address in '98.  Lots of people on the move!  All 
listed riders are from CA unless otherwise noted, with last known 
city of residence.  Let me know if you have a new address and want an 
entry flyer, otherwise these will be deleted from my database.

*Unknown Addressees*
Leslie Ambruster	San Diego
Shelly Kolkey	Escondido
Sue Dejanovich	Alpine
Rowin Allendick	Wickenburg AZ
Lydia Francis	Vista
Alice DeJohn	Murrieta
Lyn Abrams	Frazier Park
Linda Hedgpeth	Wasco
Julie Sorenson	Pasadena
Kelly Bowman	Tempe
Kathy Appleby	El Cajon
Clarissa Burnmaster	Rancho Santa Margarita
Sandy Badgewell	Las Vegas
Valerie Mutter	Inyokern
D. Clay		Cave Creek, AZ
Ted Ribortella	Tuscon, AZ
Kim Gilchrist	Aguanga
Jessica Robinson	Camarillo
Eileen Piggott	Del Mar
Jock/Pam Johnston	Santa Ynez
Kathy Johnston	Caliente
Margo Gordon	San Diego
Yvonne Lucas	Pacific Palisades
Robin Smith	Costa Mesa
Anna Adams	Carlsbad
Mark Geslicki	Rolling Hills
Cindy Cline	Lake Elsinore
Cindy Foster	Lake Elsinore
Stephanie Rico	Imperial Beach

Riders for whom I got forwarding addresses, and will resend
Darleen Campbell	Thousand Oaks
Tiffany Brownell	Aguanga
Melinda McPherron	Palmdale
Lorelle Carr-O'Brien	29 Palms
Elizabeth Ramey	Chatsworth
Cheryl Woskow	Thousand Oaks
Linda Chapman	Tehachapi
Gina Levinson	San Diego
Kim and Rich Fuess	Calabasas (need to verify with you)

In other ride-related matters, for those who rode last year, we 
changed the trail for the 25s which is also the first loop of the 50. 
We changed the start, took out two nasty hills (one of them the sand 
hill), relocated the vet check to Ingalls park (5 minutes from camp), 
a bit of a trot down two city blocks, the easier way over "Suicide 
Hill", then added in more riverbed trail so there's a lot more miles 
of that all together.  More fun for the LDs that way, instead of the 
50s having all the shady fun and water crossings.  This year's finish 
for the 50s is just beyond the vet check in camp, which will ensure 
spectator fun and safety.

Riders who enter and want to pre-ride the trail will get color-coded 
trail maps with their confirmation letters, though due to last year's 
trail sabotage, the trails won't be ribboned and chalked until the 
week before the ride.  A lot of last year's sprayed chalk markers are 
still in place, however.  I'm receiving a lot of calls from people 
who want to pre-ride with ME, but that's not too likely since last 
week's MRI showed two herniated disks in my neck.  Figures that my 
horse is sound, and I'm not.  Anyone who wants to help mark trail 
that week can give me a jingle, (909) 947-0775, or email.


Ontario, CA
Norco Riverdance Ride (PS) 9/4/99
and Rem-member Me, Celesteele

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