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Re: RC: What I thought was paddling...

>My 8 year old Arab gelding crosses his front feet in front of the 
>other at >the walk and trot.  I He toes in slightly.

 Sounds like my old endurance horse Isaiah, it was a great asset. He rope
walked so bad he could trot right down the middle of a ditch.  He toed in
slightly,crossed over in front, and flipped the RF out to the side, while
trotting with his rear end over to the side like a coon dog. A vet who
watched him trot out commented that it was a wonder he didn't trip
himself and stayed upright. He racked up 1500 miles of endurance without
a vet bill or lameness. He stumbled a fair amount too.  Actually, some
were very dramatic, but he always stayed right side up, so we always said
he had "Excellent Recoveries".  His version of going fast downhill
reminded me of a person running down a steep hill and windmilling their
arms to stay upright, but it worked for him.


 >He has 
>recently begun working after a lengthy "vacation" and has had some
>minor >stumbling/tripping. 

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