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What I thought was paddling...

My 8 year old Arab gelding crosses his front feet in front of the other at 
the walk and trot.  It is fairly pronounced, more so on one side than the 
other, and is more noticeable when he begins walking from a standing 
position.  He toes in slightly.  I thought this was paddling, but was told 
recently that paddling is different.  

I had him checked for EPM and it came up negative.  The vet I used (who does 
some well known endurance riders) did not seem too concerned over it.  He has 
recently begun working after a lengthy "vacation" and has had some minor 
stumbling/tripping.  I am not too alarmed, but he is my endurance prospect 
and I want to be sure that this will not pose any significant issues for us 
down the road as we condition and compete.  

Does anyone out there have a similar gait they work with, and how significant 
is this for an endurance horse?  Many thanks, 

Kristi in (thankfully) cooler Maryland

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