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Re: Walk/trot speeds

Since we started driving, and put a speedometer on
the cart, we now have three trot speeds.
WALK             =2 - 3 MPH
TROT              =7 MPH

Interestingly, as the trot exceeds 10 MPH, it becomes a Canter
but the speed stays the same.

John and Meshack (Vermont Equestrian Activities)

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Date: Friday, July 09, 1999 10:09 PM
Subject: RC: Walk/trot speeds

>>what is the average for a horse at the walk/trot? 
>It varies for my horse.
>Walking towards our mountain trail:  1 mph
>Walking towards home: 5 mph
>Trotting towards mtn. trail: 3mph
>Trotting towards home: 10mph
>Trotting first 12 miles of an endurance ride: 12 mph
>Cantering when another horse is in sight at an endurance ride: 65mph.
>It varies with the situation.
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