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Fast walks

    Once upon a time, when I took dressage lessons ( this was *before* entry
into "yahoo" status), I drove up to the stable, horse in tow, and saw my
instructor, Margaret, riding her horse in the outdoor ring.  I couldn't figure
out what gait she was at, but it looked like
she was cantering about, because she was moving in a wave-like pattern.  At
least, her white helmet was.  I saw from a distance as she zoomed around the
rng.  When I got close, she slowed down.  I spent the first three months of
dressage lessons learning how to walk, and this was six months or so into
lessons, so we, of course, worked on walking.  Margaret was on her Hanoverian,
Leo (short for Lebensabittenietze) and I was on my TB/App, Gilligan.  We were
trying to extend the walk, riding side by side, and Margaret mentioned that it
was always frustrating for Leo to be ridden while she was giving lessons
because she invariably physically did what she was telling the student to do.
I told her that she could just let Leo do an extended walk, and maybe
watching her would help me.  And she said, "Oh, you'd never keep up.  We were
working at an extended walk when you drove up."

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