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Walk/trot speeds

Hi everyone!
Yesterday I drove my car out and marked off 1 mile on the trail.  Today I 
rode my boy out to determine how fast he walked and corto'd (paso for 
trottine) one mile.  He did the mile at a walk in 18 minutes and 02 seconds.  
At the corto, he went at 8 minutes and 23 seconds.  According to my very 
novice calculations (I was a science major...not a math major in college!)  
that means his speed at a walk is 3.33mph and at the corto 7.22mph. 

I have two questions here.   First, are my calculations correct, and second, 
what is the average for a horse at the walk/trot?  I do have to say we did do 
a slow corto, not a fast one.  Any input would be appreciated!

Juli Bechard and Alpine 

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