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Ham Radio

Tevsweep uses Ham Radio for communications both for the Tevis and the Western States 100 mile run.  Our members have found them much more reliable that Cell phone especially in the canyons where cell phones do not work at all.  This is not to say that the Ham Radio always works for in the deep canyons even on ride day where we have a network of communications you may find a dry spot and need to move your location to get out.
We have had several real emergencies and the Ham radio saved the day.  Not all related to horses we have been known to bring help to bicycles, hikers, stranded motorist, and have saved the life several horses.
Take a look at the article John Maretti wrote in 98 about his horse Kahlua.  (1998 See Kahlua's rescue)
but what do I know I'm just the water boy
see you on the trail and talk to you on the radio

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