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Ham Radio


  I did a search for this in the archives and came up with nothing other
than a fight over two-way radios being used for crew communication.  I'm
investigating getting a ham radio for myself as a safety measure (cheaper
than paying cell phone charges every month).  How widespread (if any spread)
is amateur radio in endurance riding?  I'm thinking that they would be more
reliable than cell phones (at least out in the woods) as there seem to be
more repeaters (? ok, you got me, I have NO idea what I'm talking about
here!) than cell phone towers?

Any thoughts, good, bad, indifferent, private, public?  I'm still planning
on getting one, just want to know how much I'll be able to use it in
endurance.  (Gotta combine those hobbies!  :)  )

April & Apache
AERC #M20813
Chattanooga, TN

"If I were a little, little [wo]man,
  I would ride squirrels."

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