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Re: RC: AERC Convention

In a message dated 7/7/99 8:19:13 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 

<< Am booking my flight for AERC Convention in March.  (Using free miles ...
 have to book very early!)   AERC office said date is Mar 2-4.  Does the
 convention usually last from Thur - Sat ??   Should I plan on arriving /
 leaving much beyond this for convention stuff ??   Anything usually
 happening on Sunday or Wednesday?  When do the vendors usually set up?

Based on past experience at many conventions, Thursday is vendor setup day, a 
day of meetings for various committees and an open meeting of the Board of 
Directors.  The main convention starts on Friday morning with registration of 
attendees.  The banquet and national awards are on Saturday night, and that 
usually wraps up the convention.  This year there was mention of a breakfast 
, but I was at a BOD meeting so I have no first hand experience.  There's 
never been anything on Wednesdays.  Unless the agenda has changed from 
previous years, I would say if you arrived Thursday afternoon or even early 
Thursday evening and left Sunday morning, you would have had the benefit of 
just about everything the convention offers.  And it is a great experience!  
Wonderful lectures and lots of socializing.  And the shopping at the trade 
show ...... wow!  Bigger and better than ever.  The Silver Legacy is a very 
nice facility.

Barbara McCrary
West Reion director

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