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As I write, I hope Bucky is better and you are feeling better about both of

Horses give us great joy but also great sorrow, sometimes.  Seems we can't
have one and entirely escape the other.  

I can understand your pain, frustration and even your guilt; I've been
there, done that!  You don't have to be a novice to have it happen, you can
have years of experience and find yourself in the same place.  You don't
have to be negligent, unobservant, careless, etc.  Horses get sick, injured
or die in skilled, responsible, expert hands, with the most meticulous care
and management possible.  

Reading your post, I can't think that you were in any way responsible for
Bucky's crash, in fact, you were concerned with his welfare throughout the

At some point, you have to give up the guilt!  It is a burden that falls
most often on the shoulders of the most responsible horse owners (the
irresponsible are immune!), but it serves no real purpose once you have
examined the preceeding events.  You have done that and I don't think any
of us could or would have done anything differently than you did.  

*hit happens!  It happens more often with horses, it seems, than with other
interests (or perhaps it seems more devastating with horses?).  I wish you
could have gotten more years and miles behind you before having to face
something like this but we all deal with it sooner or later.  

Laminitis is treatable, there are even horses competing in endurance after
fairly severe cases of founder.  As Heidi mentioned, there may be some
underlying problem that actually caused the whole episode.  Whatever it
was, it wasn't YOU.



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