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No Vinnie you did not kill Bucky.  You did everything right and obviously did 
all that you could to help him.  I rode the LD at IDRA  and know just how hot 
it was.  The fact that you walked seven miles in the heat is a testimony to 
your dedication to your horse. AND you stood at his head helping to hold him 
up for most of that 3 hours when you looked like you were ready to drop 

I think Heidi's suggestion is a good one--look for an underlying cause that 
may have caused the crash under the adverse conditions we had this week end.  
Try to be aware of those subtle changes in your horse that an outsider might 
not see.  If you see  or feel any changes, point it out to the vet so he can 
advise you.

It is certain that the people that were at the ride will be more aware of 
what might happen on a hot and humid day and be more careful than they would 
have been before your horse got sick.  We all learn from experience, both 
good and bad.  

Last year at a ride--a hot August ride in the same area as IDRA-- I felt that 
my horse didn't feel right. The trail was poorly marked and I had gotten lost 
several times.  It was time to quit for both me and my horse.  It was her 
first ride and  I had not seen anyone for a while.  So I stopped someone and 
had them call 911.  Now that REALLY caused a stir!  The park ranger came, the 
vets and a trailer.  I felt kinda foolish but it was the right decision.  The 
mare told me she was tired and the next day she had a little heat in both 
front tendons.   It happens to everyone.

Keep us posted about Bucky.  We all care.

Carol Wingate  DVM

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