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Re: RE: Summer Breeze/Cooling horses

Title: RE: Summer Breeze/Cooling horses
So how many VCs with holds and how long are they typically?  To untack and put all that ice water on a horse, scrape and re-ice a few times would take awhile.  And what about those poor souls (like myself) who don't have crew to bring the ice to the VC and work on the horse?
In the NW we typically have stop & go VCs every 12-15 miles with a 45 minute hold VC every 25 miles, altho some rides do 15-20 or 30 at each VC.
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Date: Tuesday, July 06, 1999 6:39 AM
Subject: RC: RE: Summer Breeze/Cooling horses

 we go through 30+ gallons with 16-24 lbs ice on a hot day with him.

continue to get 1-1.5 doses at every vet check - approximately every 2-3 hours. 

we sponge on that ice water then scrape it off until it isn't hot as it comes off of the horse.  We use ice water everywhere on the horse on a hot day with no problems with muscle cramping or increased heat from surface capillary constriction because of the cold.   When the horse starts to say that the water is too cold, we back off to normal water at the vet checks.  We concentrate sponging where major blood vessels are close to the surface - jugulars in the neck, elbow/girth area, inside of back legs

We fight to find shade where ever we can.  We haven't gone so far as to take an awning with us at away vet checks

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